Surf's Up!

This weekend just gone was a bank holiday week-end over here in England which normally means two things in the UK, traffic jams and crap weather. However, we decided to screw the odds and head off to the seaside for a little getaway. I'm so glad we did. The weather was great and that part of England is really incredibly beautiful, full of picturesque little fishing villages and sandy beaches (Devon/Cornwall).

This brings me to my post, this part of the UK in renowned for its surfing and although I've never tried it myself, I have always loved the idea of surfing and would love to give it a go sometime. One thing that has always stood out for me in surfing against all the other sports of a similar style (wake-boarding, snowboarding etc.) is how much the 'craft' of making the board is still alive.

Not only is there a huge choice of handmade boards out there, there is also a huge array of surfers and artists personalizing their boards with super cool graphics and designs. Here is my pick of a few of the amazing boards out there and here's hoping I can give surfing a go sometime soon, preferably somewhere where the sea is a little warmer than in Cornwall, Hawaii perhaps...

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Illustrated Surfboard Fins - View Source

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