Love / Hate : Art Snobs

The above photograph, by Andreas Gursky, recently became the most expensive photograph in the world. It sold for a whopping, wait for it... $4.3 million! That's £2.7 million. There is absolutely no way of justifying this, even if this were the most outstanding photograph in the world, surely it is still just a photo?

One of the comments that I read about this photo was very interesting, about how art snobs are so unprepared to stand up and say "You know what? This is a load of crap" that they all just follow each other like sheep along the path of bad taste until something like this happens. Of course, art critics will defend this tooth and nail, but they are wrong, plain and simple. (Can you tell that this kind of thing gets me particularly riled up?)

What gets me is there are so many great photographs out there, this just isn't one of them. Below are some great photos by Mikko Lagerstedt that surpass by far this overpriced print.


  1. Incredible isn't it .But you are right ! Snobs (big purse little taste)all over the place.And so one can compare it with Hans Christian Andersen's story: ' De nieuwe kleren van de keizer' (The emperor's new clothes) Literally translated, but don't know whether this also is the english translation from the Danish original

  2. Haha, I like that, 'big purse, little taste', it's exactly that. We do call it The emperor's new clothes and you're right, it's the same story but in modern day. I mean $4.3 million! That's just ridiculous!

  3. I totally agree with you , and as an artist, believe me I have to fight against those snobs all the time, cause im not at all into that minimalist type of bullshit,going on, wich that overpriced picture looks like. It has no substance, no soul, no... Heart! And if Art is HeartLess then its ART-LESS! Whats the point of art if it doesnt reach your heart and shake you up from the depths of your soul? It's just not worth it! It is not only meant to look pretty it should turn you appart and make you wonder! Fuck Artists, im an HEARTIST :D


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