Love/Hate : CVs with a difference

If I had to write a list of things I hate, then writing a CV would be very high up, like top ten kinda high.

And as if writing a CV isn't complicated enough, as a designer you have to think extra hard about the layout. The design and layout of your CV is ultimately what is going to make the employer sit up and pay attention in any kind of job, but as a designer, it also serves as a sort of preliminary test.

So here's my question, is it better to go classic and stylish, or try and do something completely different? I've rounded up some projects that I think are really great, some are CVs and some are full-out self-promo mailers. But at the end of the day, wouldn't something simple and chic be more effective?


Sean A. Metcalf

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Leonardo Zakour

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Hannah Dollery

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Self-Promo Mailers

Clint Davis

Emma Hopkins

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Mark Adamson

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