Monday Moodboard - Inspiring me this week : 07.11.11

This week's Moodboard includes funny stuff SiRi says and some great art installations.

1. Funny Stuff SiRi says
Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory.
Source : Inspiration Feed / http://inspirationfeed.com/inspiration/50-hilarious-things-that-siri-says/

2. Before I die...
Amazing art installation including instructions on how to set one up near you.
Source : Candy Chang / http://candychang.com/before-i-die-in-nola/ 

3. Me + You, Valentine's Cards of Iconic Couples
Very funny, although I have to admit that I can't recognise all the couples.
Source : Visual News / http://www.visualnews.com/2011/02/10/me-you-valentines-cards-of-iconic-loves/

4. Beautiful Home
Lovely little house.
Source : Wave Avenue / http://waveavenue.com/profiles/blogs/apartment

5. Wedding Photo
A wedding and sparklers, what more could a girl want?
Source : Found on Pinterest via Katie Bingham

6. Fulton’s Apothecary
Great Packaging.
Source : Lovely Package / http://lovelypackage.com/fultons-apothecary/

7. Pimp That Snack
Seriously funny website where people make giant versions of well known snacks.
Source : Pimp That Snack / http://www.pimpthatsnack.com/gallery.php

8. The Art if Downsizing
Fantastic project where a dumpster had be filled with all the things we amass without realising.
Source : Wall Street Journal / http://blogs.wsj.com/photojournal/2011/10/31/art-of-downsizing/


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