Monday Moodboard - Inspiring me this week : 21.11.11

This week's moodboard includes some cool and very honest movie posters and a rollercoaster designed to kill you.

1. Honest Film Posters
A very funny series of what film posters would look like if only they told the truth.
Source : The Shiznit / http://www.theshiznit.co.uk

2. Origami How-To : Paper Stars
Just in time for Christmas comes this great little tutorial on origami paper star chains.
Source : Professional Wit / http://www.professionalwit.com/

3. The How-To Project
A great series of poster how-tos, like how to wear a tie and how to twitter.
Source : Design.org  / http://design.org/blog/how-project-prints-and-designs-michael-arnold

4. A Humane Death Rollercoaster
That's right folks, this rollercoaster is designer to actually kill you, stuff boring old injection euthanasia, if you decide to go, go with a bang.
Source : Design Taxi / http://www.designtaxi.com/

5. Luxury Yacht Design
When I get a boat, which I will very soon of course, it's gonna look like this one.
Source : Img Crunch / http://imgcrunch.com/mind-blowing-creative-luxury-yacht-home/

6. The Vader Project
A very funny collection of some reworks of the famous Darth Vador helmet.
Source : Froot / http://www.froot.nl/posttype/froot/the-vader-project/

7. Painted Globes
Half of me thinks it's a real shame to paint over globes but the other half is screaming that this is really cool.
Source : Art on Globes / http://www.artonglobes.com/globes.html

8. Urn Tree
I find this project so beautiful and I really hope it is made. It is an urn containing the ashes of a loved one, you plant a tree inside it and when the tree grows bigger you plant the whole thing in the garden. I now officially want to be a tree when I die.
Source : d-e-s-i-g-n / http://d-e-s-i-g-n.net/funeral-urn-concept


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