Love / Hate : Food Jewellery

Today's pick for love/hate is food jewellery. Not real food made into jewellery of course, just jewellery made to look like food. Part of me loves this trend and part of me really doesn't. It's fun and cute but can easily turn tacky, and this is coming from someone who has designed many a food based charm so I should know.

Example being a cupcake, cute, a whole cake complete with candles... not so much. Have a look of some of the pieces below by Shay Aaron, which are a perfect example of what I mean. In this instance, the fact that they are incredible tacky just adds to the charm of them, and I have to say I find quite a few of these pieces utterly adorable.

1 comment:

  1. I want to have those pancake stack earrings and necklace! I've seen similar designs in an online jewelry store or two. I must say I love/hate them too.


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