Love/Hate: Cake or sculpture?

Today's post is officially our 100th post, so I thought we'd celebrate with some cake.

When I was younger, my mum used to make the most amazing birthday cakes. I'm taking jewellery boxes, giant chocolate bars, castles and a rather camp pink sports car once for my brother (a little mix-up with the red food dye, I believe).

However, one craze that I haven't really managed to comprehend is the whole making-cakes-look-like-other-food thing. Why would you want a cake that looks like a hamburger anyway?

Here are some crazy cake designs, some that I love and some that I don't but all pretty amazing. Let me know what you think, do you think cake should look like cake or do you like these whimsical twists?

Stylist's Bake-Off Finalists :

WINNER! Lucy Bruns - Fish 'n' Chip Cupcakes

Left to right from top - 1. Sue Timpson - Wedding Cake   2. Keri Moss - All You Need Is Love Wedding Cake
3. Anila and Rhea Babla - Cherry Blossom Sweet Sushi Cake   4. Sarah Crisp - Fast Food Cupcakes and Cookies

View all the finalists here.

Camilla Porlezza :

You can see more here.

The Bakey Cakey House :

You can see more here.

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