Monday Moodboard - Inspiring me this week : 30.01.12

1. Coucouskid Artwork
A great collection of collaborative artworks by the couscous kid and Debra Thomas.
Source : http://www.couscouskid.co.uk/

2. The Art of Peter Gronquist
Some very interesting and slightly unsettling sculptures.
Source : http://visualsundae.com/

3. Fragments of Nature
Beautiful series of nature-inspired furniture.
Source : http://design-milk.com/

4. Pantone Street Project
Fun photography project using a simple 'Pantone' frame.
Source : http://gallery.thecreatorsproject.com/

5. Beautiful Photograph
I love this photo so much.
Source : http://memory.loc.gov

6. The Art of Enkel Dika
A very funny collection of artworks.
Source : http://magazine.wpcrown.com/

7. Some fun winter DIY projects
I especially like this one because of  the explanation "Step 1: Drink wine. Drink wine. Drink wine..."
Source : http://www.alittleumbrella.com/

8. Fun and Crafty Uses for Newspaper
A great round-up of fun crafts with newspaper.
Source : http://celebrating-family.com/


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