Showcase : Editorial Illustrations 2011-2012 by Charis Tsevis

Check out these editorial illustrations by Greek designer Charis Tsevis. Each portrait is built of objects that portray something about the personality of the character they depict, like Dr.House made of pills and Shaquille O'Neal made from the logos of brands that sponsor him.

It's a fun and effective twist on the more typical 'portait made of mini-portraits' trend that popped up a while back.

You can see more of Charis's work here.


  1. The Coachella looks more like a cross-stitch work, while House and Shaq are a solid masterpiece! Love the concept and how the colors are used to create a very likely, or should I say identical image of the model.

    1. The House ones are defo my favourites! :)


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