Graphic Design : Inspirational Posters by Jan Filek

I love this bold series of inspirational quotes for designers by German designer Jan Filek. 
"Inspirational poster series about Graphic Design. A selection and combination of quotes by Harold Speed, David Lynch, Audie McCall, Picasso, Ken Rockwell, Peter Fischli & David Weiss and Erik Spiekermann. "
See more of Jan's work here.


  1. I think most of it is also applicable to SEOs. For instance, quote # 3, “Stay True to the Original Idea.” It simply reminds every site owner and promoters to avoid unacceptable behavior and follow rules set by the platforms where the site is to compete.

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  2. i like the font of this posture a lot. IT is pretty elegent.

  3. Graphic design is the most integral part of websites and blogs. With the attractive graphics and images, one can easily attract more customers to the website. We have just got the Child Care Website Design completed and the website is about to be launched. The team added loads of custom graphics to it and I personally love the look.


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