Graphic Design: The Supply Closet by Melissa Piombo

The Supply Closet is a great little fictional brand created by American graphic designer Melissa Piombo. The branding is very much based on the handmade, natural feel and works very well with the products that she has created. I especially love the descriptions on the products, like how the tote bag is 'the perfect bag for toting things' and the warning on the notebooks that 'people will want to steal this from you'.    
"The concept behind the company is a fusion of utilitarian design and hand-made elements. I started with the name and logo before creating a series of tote bags, small pouches, hard and softcover notebooks, and party packs that include stickers and badges. All products were then packaged."
You can see more of Melissa's work here.

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  1. Try not to be too awesome! Oh yeah, I love the texts and captions which are very unique and hip.


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