Love/Hate : Tilt-Shift Photography

When tilt-shift photography first became really popular a few years back I was a huge fan, in fact my very good friend Deborah and me spent many an afternoon 'tilt-shifting' our own photos. But then, like all big internet trends, you get bored of seeing a million different versions of the same thing and soon pass on to the next amusement.

That was why I was so happy when I came across this project, because it's like tilt-shift, but so much cooler. Artist Serena Malyon decided to photoshop these famous Van Gogh paintings to make them look tilt-shifted, nothing in these paintings has been changed, added or removed. She has purely used lighting and blur effects to give this amazing 3d feel to the paintings. The result is seriously cool and has made me fall in love with tilt-shift all over again.


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